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Hello and welcome to Freehart's Weimaraners -  We are southern California breeders of  AKC Weimaraner puppies

A Weimaraner puppy will definitely win over your heart with it's intelligence, loyalty, beauty, and grace.
Hello and welcome! We are accomplished
Southern California Weimaraner breeders located approximately 45 minutes east of Los
Angeles, California. We have
weimaraner puppies available in southern California to outstanding homes. At Freeharts we have bred our
weimaraners for temperament, size, conformation, and an overall family companion. We have been breeding our weimaraners
in southern California since 1985.
We breed for quality, breed preservation and we are just Weimaraner enthusiast. We are hobby
enthusiasts, which means we are not a business nor commercial breeders. Our puppies are homed with an adoption process.

Our dogs are considered/intergrated as family, and we have
AKC Weimaraner puppies available periodically. We have successfully
produced excellent show potentials, field dogs, and certified-for-therapy dogs. We breed only gray and silver gray. We have been known
for producing calm demeanor dogs that have superior intelligence. We strive to breed a traditional German style weimaraner with the
stamina to compete in the fields, and the versatility to be great house dogs. We only do selective breedings to ensure the quality/integrity of
the breed by taking dogs with conformationally correct traits that will compliment the each other and produce pups who contribute to the
wellbeing/future of the breed. We offer a documented guarantee against hereditary/congenital conditions and always welcome any
weimaraner back into our home.

Producing a superior quality dog is one thing, but  we have to play an important role in educating new puppy owners on the care and needs
of these special dogs and for that reason I offer myself for the life of your puppy with breeder/puppy owner support. I will make myself
available for all my puppy owners as well as other Weimaraner enthusiasts to help maintain and better the breed.

All our puppies are offered with;
American Kennel Club Limited registration, current inoculations, multiple preventative parasite
treatments, a puppy care package, and a contractual stipulation if you are ever unable to maintain the puppy we will take him/her back.
our puppies adopted are considered pet/companion quality, no puppies will be offered with breeding rights.
If you would like to visit our
home in
California and meet our Weimaraner puppies, please check out our visitation policy.

  • Our goal is to place our dogs in companion homes, we will not place our dogs in a breeding home or facility. Please email us for an application to
    be considered for a future Freehart's weimaraner.

  • Be sure to check out our Weimaraner Facebook Fan Page here. Feel free to send an e-mail at any time if you have any questions or are
    interested in adding a Freehart's weimaraner to your family.
  • E-mail: freehartsweims@aol.com
Feel free to call us as we love to
talk about out Weimaraners!

All our dogs come from AKC
conformation championship.
66% of our lineage contains
AKC champions and field
champions.   Please feel free to
email us and we will be sure to
respond as soon as possible, if
we don't respond within 24
hours please try sending us
another message  E-mail:
Looking for a hunting partner?


Pictured to the left is a pup we placed last year and here is the
testimony below as to what you can expect from a Freehart's dog;

"One year old and this is what you have produced! We will be getting
another one in two years and we want to get one from you. She has
turned out to be the best dog in the home and out hunting, she picked
up most everything on her own, her dumb owner didn't have a lot to do,
about the only thing I did was spend a lot of time with her, like 16 hrs a
day. Here are a few pictures one year later.
Thanks for such a great dog,
Mike, Lisa, Dylan, Austin, Blake, and Sawyer."
Need a personal reference?

Picture left; this is Figaro another
great dog produce from the
"freehart's" descendants. This little guy
is enjoying life in sunny San Diego,
California owned by Gorge(the owner
of this particular Mexican restaurant)
Are you ready for a Weimaraner?

This is our Hunter(only 10 months old at the time) he was
our shining star for Petco in 2004 doing his Pro Plan ad.
Many of our dogs can be seen in Hollywood, TV, and  print
ads. Chances are if you have seen a weimaraner in a movie
or music video then it's most likely a Freehart's Weimaraner.
A note from the breeder;
Our puppies are raised in
our home much like a
nursery and we do not raise
them outside in some
farm/kennel environment
like cattle! Anyone who
breeds dogs should never
raise them outside with
horses, alpaca, llamas,
etc..., this potentially
exposes the young baby
puppies to parasites, disease
and other viruses!
We also Reccomend NuVet
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Are you looking for your next muse?
Weimaraner's are wonderful companions and if you are looking
for that lifetime bond that only a dog can provide then you've
meet your match! Not only will he be by your side, but also an
inspiration as pictured here.

August 2011

It's been a while since I talked to you.  My dog Thor died and you let me have one of
your pups from your March 2010 litter.  I named the puppy,  Atticus and have attached
his picture.  He is 1 and 1/2 and a real sweetheart.  A gentle soul and friendly dog.  I
couldn't have asked for more.  The attached picture will be in an art show this weekend.  
The artist that did the photo for me thought Atticus was great and will include him in his
art show.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog.
Petra DeJesus"
Pictured Left: Atticus     
Freehart's Weimaraners
is a home breeder, not a
professional kennel, and
our family clientele prefer
it that way as they know
that each pup is given
the attention he or she
needs to properly
socialize.  ASK about our
Penn Hip Results! Or
you may call our
veterinarian for further
Pet Time Animal Hopsital
and ask for Dr. Bory
Updated 1/1/2018! A big thank you to
all the Freehart's FOREVER  
Weimaraner Families!  If you are
looking for a pet companion/show
potential/or field dog and you are
located in California we would love the
opportunity to match you with your
new weimaraner puppy! This year
marks our 15th anniversary since
we've created our website, a big thanks
to all the families who have adopted
IN THE TOP 90th Percentile for PENN
HIP & Our foundation/ancestor dogs
OFA Good or Excellent; Please email:
A Freehart's weimaraner story

Dear Freehart Kennels,

Hello, I will attempt to make a wonderfully long story, much too short!
We first crossed paths in September 1996, the days before the internet when excellent breeders were only know by
the small circle of dog breed enthusiast. After speaking with many Weim breeders, Freehart came highly
recommended and after speaking with either Roseanne or Mary we scheduled to visit the next weekend.
Isaiah Von Weik (Sire) greeted us at the door, as I remember at first sight a very intimidating presence. After we
were greeted by Forever Amber Von Hartless (Dam) and were presented the litter to review seeking a male.
In the excitement, I ended up leaving with a beautiful female! The following day I received a call from Roseanne or
Mary mentioning that I picked-up the wrong pup and my male was still waiting for me and she would take back the
female. At this point I was already in love with little “Biancha” and mentioned that I would return the following
weekend to pick-up her brother…. “Lars”
Little did I know my life just changed in so many wonderful, amazing ways I really can’t describe for the next 17
years! “Biancha” & “Lars” became truly my everything… They were with me from the age of 25 when we met,
until now 43… a lifetime! So many great times, every move, every day, I always considered what would be best
for each of them, many times before myself. And each time no matter the decision they were 100% with me. From
the shores of California to the parks New York City, down to the beaches of South Florida, each of their paw
prints were always next to me! Without compromise they gave 110% of themselves to me, and I to them…
Truly a bond that was never breakable, until March of this year 2013. Biancha’s cancer had progressed and the
most difficult days were starting to begin… She passed on the morning of March 25th… As I carried her into the
Vet, she raised her head to the rising sun as she always did one last time. She passed gracefully in my arms
moments later…
Lars and I were now alone… We carried on, day-to-day and our bond increased, as I never left his side, as I was
concerned about him becoming depressed without Biancha. On August 20th he arrived at the stately age of 17 and
with his arthritis advancing was becoming immobile. Physically caring him out daily, he had the true spirit of the
Weimaraner, still wanting to play at times even though he was getting tired and in pain.
This past Monday, on the morning of Monday, October 7th Lars passed away in my arms like his sister 7-month
prior. They are now together again, though now I am alone only to ponder the great life they provided me, not that
I provided them. We all experience our parents, family members and friend passing through the years, though for
myself I have never felt the loss that I currently do of my Biancha & Lars!
Though, Biancha & Lars can never be replaced… It would be a pleasure to cross your path once again in Rancho
Cucamonga, California and an honor and privilege to once again have that Freehart Weirmaraner spirit running
though my home. Biancha & Lars have some pretty big paws to follow, as they both did with their parents Isaiah
and Amber.
I greatly thank you for allowing me to tell my story and how you changed my life! I look forward to speaking with
you soon about 8 little paws to fill the ones left behind by both Biancha & Lars!

My very kind regards,
Todd Stillwell
Pictured right;
Biancha & Lars.
Live to the old age
of 16 & 17 years!
Meet Sage(Pictured above);
She is our classic look produced from our
foundation lineage. Nice tail set, good balance,
very nice eye  and ear set. Our weims are
known for their natural ability & movement.
Pictured Left/right; Mylee-
she is 2.5 years young in
this picture utilizing her
hunting ability in the field
working with Mike Macklin
and his pheasant hunting
skills! Good Job Mylee and
Mike! Looks like she's on
her way to becoming a
field champion!
Such an intent point right
here! DON"T BE
FOOLED even though you
see our weimaraner's in the
field, they also make great
lap dogs!
Freehart's Weimaraners
Looking for a beach bum?

Check out this video and watch Gunther taking his first
swim in the river. Our weimaraners excel in their
natural ability in the field and in the water. weimaraners
have webbing in between their toes and are very eager
to join in the family fun. A lot of our weimaraner go to
live in Arizona, Neveda, Utah, and Colorado. Most
our families will make the trek out to meet us and the
gang! We encourage you to stop by!
Please take a look around!
Please take a moment and scroll down to see a few weimaraners
from over the decades and decide if a Freehart's weimaraner would
be a good fit for your home. If you are local to southern California
and want to make an appointment to meet our dogs please send us
an email at: freehartsweims@aol.com
*If you have submitted an email or
application and have not received a
response please email us again- we
get a lot of messages daily and it
might have been an oversight.
send an email to:

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since May '03
We are pleased to announce that we have
been published/mentioned as a
recommended breeder in the
"Weimaraner Dog Complete Owners
See below;
This book can be purchased on Amazon
Would you like more
information about available
puppies?? Please call us
today at
We welcome all calls and
love to talk about
weimaraners. If it's just a
question about the breed,
we make ourselves available
for phone calls.
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