Hi Beth,
It's been so long since I've talked to you and I wanted to give you an update on
Gus. He is the most wonderful dog- we couldn't have imagined how perfect he
would end up being for our family. His disposition is wonderful, he is friendly to
all other dogs and people, he hardly ever barks, he was extremely easy to
potty train and he has been nothing but wonderful with my little boys. My
2-yr-old often doesn't understand boundaries and crawls under Gus while he's
eating or gets in his bed with him while he's sleeping or decides that his tail is
just too irresistible not to hold on to. Gus never even seems the least bit upset
by any of these things. In fact, we have come to the conclusion that he thinks
he is one of the boys. We all recently took a trip to the Oregon Coast and Gus
had a blast running around on the beach. He never ever ran from us, but was
always right next to us even though he was off-leash. When the kids would get
in their beds to go to sleep for the night, he would jump up with them to go to
sleep too. The only thing we have a problem with at all is his sneakiness about
trying to grab food off the counters, or off of my two-year-old's plate when he's
not looking. However, if we put him in his crate while we're eating this isn't a
problem. I have taken two obedience courses with him already (he was only 4
months when we started). He did awesome! I can't believe how quickly he

Well, I guess you can tell from this email that we absolutely love and adore him.
He is such a huge part of our family and goes with us just about everywhere.
We can't imagine life without him. Thank you so much for doing such a great
job with him for the first 8 weeks and for doing such an unbelievably great job
with your breeding. You definitely know what you're doing! Not only is he smart,
easy-going and friendly, but he is also the most handsome dog I have ever

I will send a few pictures that we have taken over the past 4 months in a
separate email.

Thanks again,
Dear Beth,

We would like to thank you for Sir Arnold. He is a very beautiful dog, with
a good personality. When we are walking him, we get comments on how
pretty, trained, and well behaved he is. When you look at these pictures
you have bred the most wonderful dog. Our family kept an eye open for
4 months and we are glad we choose your puppies. After talking with
you, we knew that you knew how to produce a nice looking dog.
Thank you again for Sir Arnold. Keep the gorgeous dogs coming! Maybe
we could get another dog if my wife says yes. Although she didn't find
out about Arnold until the crate went up. Thank you.


                     Matt, Lindsay, and
                     Sir Arnold Montoya
Hi Beth,

I have really enjoyed talking with you on the phone
the last couple of days. You have helped me deal with
my dog's suffering in ways you don't know. Here is a
deposit for a little boy puppy due in February.
I really am impressed with your passion for weims,
and thought it incredible that you offered to
Memorialize " Stuka" on your website. I will send you
some pictures soon

               Steve & Laurie C.
Pictured left is "Stuka" and his Family.
Beloved companion, friend and family member
now one with the heaven's and  the angels
                                                                                May 22, 2009

Dear Beth,

It was a pleasure talking to you. Having lost my beloved Jade only two weeks ago, today was the first
moment I felt happy. After talking to you I know I found the right breeder to get me the right puppy to
arrive just in time when my heart is a little more mended. =)


                        Margo T.
Jade Rowan
November 9, 1998- May 6, 2009
Our beloved Jade will forever be in our heart and soul.
She was my best friend, my shadow, and I will forever  miss her.
May she rest in peace.............
Pictured to the right is Lilly with her owner Laura. Here is another testimony
as to what you get with FreeHart's;
" Hi Beth,

Hope this finds you well!  You look amazing...and I'm still working at Dr.
Rey's office.  I just wanted to send you some photos of Lilly from our last year
together!!  She is such a great doggie and I love her so much!!  She is so
spoiled!!  haha  I  just wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job
breeding them.  And I'm sure someday we will be coming back to get Lilly a


~Laura Laskowski and Lilly January 21, 2010"
The puppy to the left was adopted a few months back, this is
what the new family had to say:
Thanks you so much for our Weimaraner she has got the best
personality a owner could ask for, along with the best bloodlines
this side if the western U.S. keep up the good work!!!!!!
thanks again
Thank you
Eric and Christine Graves"

Rommel is doing great.  He's 20 months old now and is every
bit the dog that Stuka ever was when it comes to his hunting
prowess.  This is his second year hunting with me.  I train with
him about 5 or 6 hours a week.   I have him doing blind
retrieves out to about 100 yards which came in very handy
when some of our doves landed way within the confines of
the golf course that we hunt near out in Brawley.  He loves
being a part of the hunting experience.  Last year when I
went turkey hunting, he got so mad at me because he
couldn't go.   He knows what camouflage clothing is used for
and knows where I keep my shotguns.  He couldn't
understand why he was not loaded in the truck the mornings I
went turkey hunting.  Laurie said he would mope around the
entire time I would be gone.

Rommel weighs 88 pounds and is solid muscle.  When we're
training and I have him in a "sit stay", you can see every
muscle in his body twitching with anticipation of the "go"
command.  Everyone I go hunting with (about 15 people) is
very impressed with him.  That makes me feel really good.  I
have a couple hundred pictures of him, but I don't think you
want to see all of them, so I just sent you two from this year's
dove opener.  He is a very proud dog and lives for pleasing
me as you can see in the photos.

Once again, I want to say thanks for bringing Rommel and I

Steve Clarke                                       
Pictured RIGHT: Is Scout, and this is a
"Hi Beth,
I don't know if you remember us, but
we got a puppy from you this winter. I
am the helicopter pilot.
Just wanted to send a picture of Scout
with our son Liam. They are best
friends and spend all their time
together. I took this picture this
We love her and she is the sweetest
Weimaraner we have had yet. Very
affectionate and loving with our two
little guys.
Thanks again and I hope all is well
with you!
Click here to see Mark and Chet's
slideshow of when they first go to
meet Gertrude, and take her home.
Freehart's Weimaraners
An Accomplished Southern California Weimaraner Breeder.
Hi Freehart's!
My mom Jody and Dad Rick bought
December 2011 liter, and boy has she
grown quick. I just wanted to share
some of the puppy pictures that we
took and just been too busy loving her
to send until now. She's turning out to
be an excellent companion, giving
nothing but love to us and the rest of
our pack. We chose to name her
Jenny and thank you again so much
for giving us another friend. My mom is
becoming more tech savvy, just got
her first smartphone, so hopefully
she'll be sending more frequent
updates. Also expect a
picture of our lost friend Julia who
passed recently after years of devotion.
She's missed everyday.

The Huntlings
** Disclaimer weimaraner's are bird dogs and are utilized as not
injured or harmed during this process **

Hi Freehart's,

This is Lindsey M. My husband Kevin and I got our puppy Beau
from you in December 2009. He was one of the 2 boys you had left
when someone backed out of taking them. I just wanted to give you
an update on him. He is the sweetest, calmest, best looking dog
ever! We are so happy with him. We have been very blessed to have
such an amazing dog. He has the best temperament. He is very
friendly with both people and other dogs. He is gentle with babies
and children and would never harm a fly. He is very submissive and
easy to train. He has natural hunting ability and is going to be a great
bird dog.
Everywhere we go with him, people stop me to tell me what a
beautiful dog I have. They are also amazed at how calm and
well-behaved he is. I of course give them your name whenever they
are curious. I attached some pictures of him.
He is going to be a big one!

Thanks again for such a great dog
Lindsey and Kevin M.
Hi there-

picked out our baby girl from you... She turns 3 this month and
she has been the most amazing dog ever... Truly my best friend
and the sweetest - My Husband and my two sons are so attatched
to her and she literally lays with my sons at night till they go to
sleep... she has brought happiness to our old chocolate
Labrador... and I
think she thinks she is HIS mother even though he is 8 yrs old...
They are the Best of Friends... I am so GRATEFUL to you and ur
amazing BREED of weims and am so thankful to have her in our
lives... I would get another in a Heart Beat... and that day will soon
she is- Thank you again- You are more than welcomed to share
my pics
I've sent you on ur sight- I love to go on there and see the puppies
from time to
time- Take care a

`·.¸Dëna V.
Hello again,

We got our 2nd wiemaraner, Griszelda Warrior Princess, affectingly called
Zelda, from you in Sept 2011. At first, our oldest wiem, Heidi Ho Thunderfoot,
wasn’t too happy about the addition, but she grew to love this little girl with all
her heart, as did Keith & I. She loves to swim, go for walks, and ride in the car.
She also doesn’t like getting her feet dirty and will wait for her blankie to spread
so much.

Below are some pictures of this lovely little lady.
Hi Freehart's!

I just wanted to THANK YOU for giving us the most
amazing weimaraner - Edison Fox - he is our best
friend and the sweetest dog ever. He's 7 years old
now, swims all day long in his pool, snuggles in bed
with his parents, and gives his baby sister kisses all
day long. I couldn't ask for a better dog.

Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Alli, Justin, and Edison
Hi Freeharts,

I just wanted to check in and say hello
from Steffen, Maus and myself. Maus
is doing great and I wanted to tell you
that she is one of the most loving and
social dogs that I have ever owned.
She's smart and sneaky as well. We're
just finishing up behavioral training
with her and hoping to start agility
training with her later on in the year.
But as of now, we're trying to get Maus
acclimated to the water so that we can
take her out surfing and stand up
paddling. I also wanted to attach some
pictures of our beautiful girl to show
how well she has grown up. Thanks
again for the chance to bring such a
joy into our lives, she makes me laugh
all the time.


A little over a year ago, we picked up a new member of our family.
My wife was pregnant with our second child and our first son was just
shy of being 2 years old. We brought Klaire home to Visalia, Ca, and
she traveled like an angel. My son was so excited and so was I. We
had waited awhile for her and we were not disappointed.

Over this last year Klaire was trained to hunt and retrieve as well as
how to behave and live with two small children. Klaire has been
wonderful with my kids. She can be a little clumsy and unintentionally
knock over one of them, but never ever, has she ever hurt either
one of them. Even when they are pulling on her tail or trying to give
her a hug, which is more like laying on her. She just turns and gives
them a lick. Honestly she is the best dog I have ever seen with kids.
All kids. Even my nieces and nephews.

Klaire is also a natural hunter. After taking her on her first hunt at 7
months, she lives to chase birds. Not gun shy at all and she just
loves being out in the field.

Freehart's definitely knows their puppies and how to match them to
their owners! And we are very proud owners!! Thank you Freehart's!

Chris and Kaity Draper,
The Frosted Muffin