Below you'll find a list of companies/breeders that meet and exceed our
expectations, you can feel comfortable obtaining their services as they
have put every effort forward to produce quality.
Freehart's Weimaraners
An Accomplished Southern California Weimaraner Breeder.
Traveling to the Seattle area?

If you are heading towards the Pacific Northwest and
need a daycare for your weimaraner please stop by the
notable Downtown dog lounge. Awarding wining service
provided by Seattle's finest
Wanting to trying something Holistic?

Artemis brand dog food has not only proved itself in
my household but has been recommended by other
dog fanciers as containing very low levels of yeast,
and it's a food that my dogs seem to chow down. It
digests well and no GI discomfort noted(which
something I know weimaraners can get)