Deposit Policy & Sales Terms
We post our adoption policy because EVERYTHING that we do is full disclosure.  If you have a question
about us or our practices and would like to discuss it further please feel free to call us.  There are always
exceptions to every rule and always extenuating circumstances.  However we always feel it best to have a
platform from which to engage a discussion.

Among the most asked questions that we receive by folks engaging us on the Internet first is, how much are
our puppies, how do they qualify for one and can they make a deposit to get onto a waiting list.  Many
breeders will simply hit the delete button at this point.  But we feel that this is an opportunity to educate the
consumer.  While these should not be first engagement questions many folks don't know how to engage

Understand, no one gets one of our puppies, before we get to know one another, we find a common
understanding about this special breed and we have covered all areas of concern.  There are adoption
applications on the site as a way of beginning this dialogue but there is no substitution for face to face and
phone to phone conversation.


Please do not assume we are holding a puppy (or spot on our waiting list) for you if a NON REFUNDABLE
DEPOSIT has not been received

In order to reserve a spot on our waiting list a deposit of 50% of the asking price is due with a 50% balance owing.

We are no longer able to hold puppies or spots on our wait list based on "good faith". Puppies are held in the order that the
deposits are received and selections by future owners are made between 5-6 weeks of age.
*Please note* puppies will
not leave our home any sooner than 8 weeks of age.

Every consideration is given to preference of sex of pup, and we spend a great deal of time selecting pups based on what
you are looking to do with your pup in the future ~ in short we select the puppy together.  Please understand we breed for
what we are looking for first, so our selection of  pups that we are keeping are made first.  We have plenty of references
that you can speak to as to how this process worked for them, and turned out the best for everyone.

ONE OF OUR PUPPIES - as such this puppy is not being offered to others, it is not being advertised and while it may
appear in photos on our website it is never listed as available.

Your deposit (and puppy payments) are NON-REFUNDABLE if you (the purchaser) should change
your mind and wish to cancel the transaction for whatever reason (your deposit may be transferred
to a future litter in the event you are not able to take a puppy from the current offered litter). In the
event, we the breeder, wish to cancel a transaction for whatever reason then in such case, we (the
breeder) will refund any monies received. Deposits are only transferable to another future
succeeding litter, and such transfers will only be honored between the original purchaser and the
breeder. In the event the purchaser declines transferring their deposit to a future litter and just wants
to cancel the transaction, then the purchaser will forfeit their deposit and any claims to a future

Deposits hold your place in line to select your pup, should you change your mind or have a life incident that prevents you
from taking a puppy from the litter your deposit can be transferred to a future succeeding litter.

Why deposits/payments are non-refundable?

Look at it from the point of view of the breeder. A potential buyer puts down a deposit with Breeder A but is actually
planning to get a pup from Breeder B if one becomes available sooner. In effect, he's using Breeder A as a "back-up". In
the meantime, the Breeder A has to mark his pup or place on the waiting as "sold or reserved", thus dissuading other
buyers. The breeder potentially loses the opportunity to place that pup and methodical breeders have puppies with purpose
so their waiting list is extremely important to them as they know that with each pup being born it already has a home lined
up that has been screened and approved. A good breeder will often have a puppy waiting list and always interrogates
potential buyers about their ability to care for the dog.

Please remember you are trusting us to have the right puppy for you, at the right time and to do as we have
committed to do.  A deposit represents the beginning of your commitment to your new pup, to love and cherish your
pup for the rest of it's long and healthy life.

Please note that in the event that any life circumstance ever arises in which you cannot keep your puppy/adult dog.  You are
to return that puppy to Freehart's.  This is in our warranty.  In the event that the dog is re-homed to a new family any monies
received for the dog will be forwarded to your charity/rescue of your choice less expenses
Buyer Responsibilities (additional terms):

*Have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of taking physical possession of your new puppy (excluding
weekends/holidays). The failure of this will result in the cancellation of your 2 year health guarantee.

*Order NuVet supplement (supplement is recommended the first 12-24 months for optimum immune development)

*Puppy must be paid in full on/or before EIGHT weeks of age or all monies paid and all claims to the puppy will be forfeited.

*All deposits/payments are non-refundable, see bottom notation for terms & conditions.

*Any and all shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.

*If the purchaser needs said puppy to be boarded with the breeder for an additional period of time after she/he is weaned, the
Purchaser agrees to pay a fee of $122.50/per week (17.50/per day) for housing/feeding/continued vaccinations during that time period.
MAXIMUM BOARDING DURATION is 14 days after weaned (boarding requests must be paid/agreed upon in advance).

*Provide puppy with routine preventive care, such as, but not limited to:
1. Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian.                                                                                              
2. Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations, deworming, and standard preventative health care.                                  
3. Provide the puppy with adequate training and socialization necessary to maintain a mentally sound animal.                       
4. Buyer also agrees to return the dog to the original breeder if unable to maintain the care afforded,
said dog is never to be
re-homed without breeders permission, said dog not may never be released to any rescues, breeders, or brokers.
5. Provide breeder (Freeharts) with bi-annual photos/email updates.                                                                                  
The breeder is not responsible/nor can guarantee; size, temperament, breeding ability, conformation (show quality), or any other
related issues…… Unless otherwise noted, all puppies are sold AS PET QUALITY.

*Deposits are a commitment with intent to purchase, therefore, puppy deposits/payments are not refundable in the event of;
landlord/tenant issues, change of mind/buyer’s remorse, allergies, martial problems, acts of god, or other related issues. If
there is an issue with a certain puppy once the deposit has been placed then a replacement puppy will be offered to you at
equivalent value, pending availability. In the event that there are not enough puppies whelped of the requested gender then
the purchaser may elect to have; the option to select a puppy of the opposite gender, or the purchaser can transfer the
deposit to a future succeeding litter. In other words, all sales are final.
Freehart's Weimaraners reserves the right to
cancel this agreement at anytime if we no longer feel comfortable with the transaction.

Our Breeding Philosophy
We strive to produce dogs of profound character and confidence. We desire a high degree of mental stability and focus which we feel
leads to superior temperaments. We work along established bloodlines that have been proven to produce consistent performance.

We strive to maintain the versatility of the breed and look for puppy buyers who are looking for a dog to perform all functions of the

We want to breed dogs that want to be a part of your family. These dogs do far better when incorporated into your everyday lives.
We want dogs that want to hunt and work with you.

We desire to produce pups that can be handled by anyone. Our dogs want to be part of a family. We wean our pups in a natural
environment which is a critical process. We believe in including these puppies into daily routines that include; children, small animals,
loud noises, and travel.

Our main goal is to provide an “uncomplicated” companion puppy, and our dogs are placed with a “no co-ownership” agreement for
pet homes, but we will request a spay/neuter to be performed(AKC LIMITED registration is provided)
*We will only request a co-ownership, in the event you would like to take your weimaraner to AKC sanctioned events and compete.

We would like to establish a relationship with you and expect you to maintain that bond with us. We never want to lose touch with our
dogs and encourage all owners to send as many updates, photos, and concerns. We make ourselves available should you ever have
any questions or need any advice.

We want to make sure you know all about the breed and what it entails. We will be honest if we do not think this breed is not right for
you and we wouldn't feel he/she would thrive in your environment. We want our dogs to go into a welcoming and knowledgeable
family environment.

Puppy placement is very important to us and we would want to know as much about you, because in turn this will identify which
personally/gender would be better suited in your home, and if we feel a weimaraner would be the best breed for you and your family.

We encourage you to make contact with us often. Phone calls as well as e-mails are welcome to establish a relationship that will build
overtime into a friendship that will last a lifetime!

E-mail us at
Freehart's Weimaraners
An Accomplished Southern California Weimaraner Breeder.