Visitation policy

Please remember we are a home breeder/enthusiast. We have a family and a job, as do you. We only allow
visitations on the weekends
(no exceptions). During the week we have our routine and time set aside for our
own family(please respect this) If you cannot coordinate your visit or puppy pickup day on a weekend then
please advise us initially and we will try our best to refer you to another breeder who can work with your
schedule. We are not a retail store front- we do not allow drop ins or unscheduled visits. I do my best to get
back to your e-mails or phone calls in a timely manner as well as schedule appointments that will work for
you. Unfortunately, sometimes that does not always work out. My policies and strict visiting schedule is just
one of the many things I do to protect the wellbeing of your future puppy. Just remember the quality of my
dogs and my long standing reputation is all part of what you get here at Freehart's.

I schedule appointments for puppy selections when the puppies are ready to be viewed. Which is about 5-6
weeks of age. I do not allow drop in or unscheduled appointments without a deposit. Only family's on the wait
list will be offered appointments. The puppies cannot be viewed or visited prior to 5-6 weeks of age.  We take
the utmost care in caring for our puppies. By having visitors in and out not only compromises the health and
wellbeing of your puppy but possibly the health and wellbeing of someone else's. Again, thank you for
understanding and working with us to help bring you the healthiest possible pet you can have. We know how
exciting it is and how much you want to see your new baby or any of our gorgeous Weimaraner's but we must
always stay focused on the big picture. Health and safety of the puppies which is why following us on
Facebook will truly keep you up on current events!!! =)

Your patience and understanding is greatly
Freehart's Weimaraners is a home breeder, not a professional kennel,
and our family clientele prefer it that way as they
know that each pup is given the attention he or she needs
to properly socialize. We allocate pups based on our
observations, assessments, and your application. We encourage
you to come by and pick your pup up when he or she is ready to leave
we do not allow people to come as though we are a pet shop
and they come and "browse" and pick the pup they think is the
most suited based on their limited exposure.
If by chance we have pups
remaining after others have been allocated then we will send you pictures
and other pertinent information about pups assessment. Once your application
and deposit are made then you can schedule to pick up your pup.

Please note that our litters are normally reserved prior to birth so there is not
going to be a likelihood of being able to visit a litter of our puppies in hopes to
get a feel for the breed, or just to play with puppies, while your intentions may
be genuine this is a risk to these young pups and a liability to those who have
reserved from this litter and our goal is to keep these babies safe until they go
to their new forever home.

Please respect our philosophy and if this does not work for you
then you should continue your search.
Every time we have a litter there are those who are either local or
within a few hours drive that wish to disregard our policy and can not
understand our reluctance. We are always happy to provide references,
even in your area if possible and you can arrange to meet their Weimaraners.
We try to minimize the traffic in an out of our house by
limiting visitors to those times when pups have been immunized. Please feel free to check
out our facebook fan page and connect with our families who have adopted from us, they
will be happy to explain our process and how it worked for them.
This section below is for those who are on our waiting list and
making the first visit to our home to meet their new

Please take the time to read our policy, we are very careful about
preventing the transmission of diseases to our weimaraners.

1. Please call us first to set up an appointment. We will be glad to set up a time for you to visit us, as
quickly as we can
(weekend days only)! But please call first to make sure, we have a family, career,
and this is our home.  We do have other things we must also get done, so please respect our Privacy.

2.If you change your mind or can not keep your appointment, please call us to let us know that you
will not be here at the scheduled time. If you are running late please just let us know and we will be
glad to wait for you. Or we can reschedule your visit if you need us to. Please do not just assume that
we will figure it out if you do not show up, we do wait here for you by the phone in case you need to
contact us for further directions or need us. We will not get upset at all, we appreciate your courtesy
and keeping us informed.  

3. When you visit us here please make sure that you do not bring any unwanted germs or viruses
with you, this is the most important rule we have and it must be followed each time with every
visitor. Please do not visit any other kennels or shelters before you come here to visit us, they may
have diseases or parasites there that you are not aware of, and you could accidentally bring them
with you to our puppies. Please help us to protect our precious delicate newborn puppies! We
depend on your honesty to help us keep them safe. This is potentially life threatening to our precious
babies. If you do visit another kennel or shelter, please return home first, shower and change your
clothes, especially your shoes. That is the only way that you can be sure not to expose our babies to
outside harm.  It would only take one accident to expose and potentially kill every puppy we have
here, and endanger any new puppies that might be born in the future also. These very dangerous
viruses can remain on surfaces and in the soil for years and are almost impossible to completely get
rid of, once the premises are infected. We work very hard to keep our facility healthy and clean,
Please help us with this.

4. Please schedule your visit accordingly. Each family will have approximately 1 hour to visit with
their new puppy, during this time we encourage to bring only a limited number of family members
with you. We do this to reduced the exposure risk of viruses, germs, and other contagious infections.
Also, please don't not bring any pets with you as they will not be allowed on our premises. Once
again, this is a precaution taken to reduce any contamination risks. Our puppy's health is priority, and
we can not jeopardize that. We hope that all of our families have the comfort of knowing that their
puppies have the best possible care and protection that they can get.
Freehart's Weimaraners
An Accomplished Southern California Weimaraner Breeder.